Monday, July 18, 2011


I should confess that I am addicted to SDRs... Yes, I am hooked with Software Defined Radios. I think they are not only the future but the present of Amateur Radio.

I began with the tiny SoftRock SDR, exactly with a RXTX 6.2 for 40/80m. This was quite a discovery, as it opened (literally) my eyes to a new radio experience. Since then, I have got several other SoftRock kits along several assembles SDRs, as the RFSPACE SDR-IQ, a Flex-5000A, a FUNcube Dongle and, just a week ago, a Flex-1500. I am now toying with another idea: to get an HPSDR kit.

So, yes, I am addicted to SDRs!

My idea of this BLOG is to show my adventures with SDRs as they may help to other people.

Comments welcomed!


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